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O’natural – Banter Bar 40g NEW RECIPE


Superfood energy bar with zero added sugar or artificial sweeteners. A completely clean whole food recipe that’s both delicious and high in healthy fats from cacao beans, chia and our own Earthshine stone ground raw tahini. This satisfying Banter Bar delivers the goods!

O’natural is stabled at Earthshine and made in the Earthshine kitchen.

INGREDIENTS: Almonds (56%) (tree nuts), Cacao Butter (12%), Chia Seeds, Raw Tahini (11%) (sesame), Mesquite*, Cacao Powder* (6%), Kalahari Salt, Ormus Minerals. *ORGANIC

ALLERGENS: Tree Nuts, Sesame

FREE FROM: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, GMO’s, Additives, Added Sugar, 



BARCODE NUMBER: 658325513257

Plant Based Snack: Made Raw, Enjoy as:

  • Breakfast on-the-go
  • Athletic energy booster
  • Between meals  pick-me-up
  • Guilt-free chocolate experience