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Are your products organic?

Most superfoods used in o’natural products are either certified organic at source or wild harvested. Our Cacao mass used in the bars is an Heirloom variety, naturaly forest grown without chemicals in Tanzania, but is not certified organic.

For all other ingredients such as nuts and seeds we always strive to find the best quality available. Many of our nuts are locally sourced from within the Western Cape directly from farms to ensure freshness and quality.

What do you mean by raw?

When we state that a product is raw we are confirming that within the manufacturing process itself the prodcut is not exposed to temperatures greater than 45 C.

Processing a low temperature ensures maximum nutritional benefit. All our bars and smoothie mixes are carefully made raw, never baked or cooked. Some of our ingredients may be cooked, for example our Tanzanian Heirloom cacao is lightly roasted to bring out the flavours and ensure it is safe to eat. Cacao grown in the tropics tends to be high in bacteria and potentially patasites, therefore all cacao requires some roasting as part of the cleaning process.

What makes o'natural wholefood bars different?

O’natural bars are entirely focused on the good ingredients such as superfoods and nuts, which means you are going to get a healthy dose of energy and wholefood nutrition. We use a minimal amount of dates as a natural sweetener, which on average accounts for 20% of the total ingredients or less. We have researched other popular ‘health bars’ in South Africa which generally consist of 35-55% dates. We never use any added sugar, artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings or anything actually. We like to Keep it Real!

Are o'natural products vegan friendly?

Currently we only have one product which is not 100% vegan – The Banter Bar. Here we currently use honey as the sweetener, less than half a tea spoon per bar. However we are in the process of re-formulating to remove the honey as well.

All other O’natural products are 100% vegan friendly.