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Keeping it Real since 2007

Jo and Mike Holmwood founded O’natural to fill a gap in the market for nutrient dense, tasty, wholefood bars. If you could find anything remotely natural around that time, the chances were that it was a date ball or a bar made predominantly from dates, overly sweet, nutritionally limited and generally uninteresting!

Their bars quickly found their way into the hearts and pockets of health conscious folk all around Cape Town and beyond. The bars travelled in handbags to corporate offices, rucksacks up the mountain trails and generally in the bags of busy on the go kinda people who needed to stay focused and on top form!

Later came the plant protein packed smoothie mixes, bringing clean nutrition to the blender brigade all over South Africa. These mixes have established themselves as offering superior nutrition at an affordable price point, with great taste!

In 2022 Jo and Mike passed the baton over to Earthshine so they could focus on their exciting new project Awaken to Nature, offering forest bathing in the wonderful Cape forests.

O’natural subsequently relocated to the Earthshine Eco Factory and Miranda, who has been managing the O’natural production almost since the beginning in 2008, has also brought her experience and expertise over to Earthshine as well.

All production of the O’natural brand as well as all sales and distribution is now under the Earthshine umbrella. 

We are very excited by this move and all the benefits of partnering with an established and aligned company that shares the same human as well as production values. We look forward to growing the O’natural brand alongside Earthshine and Keeping it Real into the future together!

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